Our interim pastor is Wayne Golson from Greenville, South Carolina.

Pastor Golson brings to Miracle Baptist Church over 40 years of pastoral experience in churches in Kentucky, South Carolina and Florida.
When approaching a Bible passage Pastor Golson asks three questions: What do these verses say? What do these verses mean? And, How do I live out these verses in my everyday life? When you've heard one of his challenging messages you'll leave with answers to all three of those questions.

Pastor Golson was accepted into the Interim Pastor Program of the Gospel Fellowship Association, Greenville, South Carolina, in December of 2009, and has served as interim pastor in several independent Baptist churches since then. He and his wife, Helen, have moved to Sanford to serve the Lord with the members of Miracle Baptist and to assist them in locating a full-time pastor.

If you're looking for sensible, practical, Christ-honoring, Biblical preaching, you won't be disappointed by coming to Miracle Baptist Church in Sanford, North Carolina!



Miracle Baptist Church is different on purpose. Although entertainment has its place, we don’t believe that place is in church.

People are hurting and confused by the difficult times we are living through today, so we offer the truth of the Bible and the joy of the Lord in our services instead of entertainment

We believe people need to turn their eyes upon Jesus, to look to the Lord and worship Him "in spirit and in truth."

We want you to get to know us, but it is far more important that you know our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.